За езика на английската Библия

bible(10)[1]НАУЧНИ ТРУДОВЕ НА РУСЕНСКИЯ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ – 2008, том 47, серия 9
За езика на английската Библия (PDF)

І. Бележки към преводите на Библията
Румяна Петрова

On the Language of the English Bible: I. Notes on the Translations: This part of the paper traces briefly some major steps in the history of the translations of the Bible with examples from English literary history and suggests guidelines for a comparative and contrastive analysis of a text sample from two English and one Bulgarian Bible. Its continuation, Notes on the Semantics of Ch. 1 of The Book of Proverbs in Two Bible Translations into English, presents the analysis proper and the conclusions based on it.

Key Words: Bible wisdom, King James Bible (KJB), Authorised Version (AV), The New Oxford Annotated Bible (NOAB), Book of Proverbs, Bible translations into English, semantics, diachronic comparative analysis, synchronic contrastive analysis, linguistic culturology, cultureme, culturematic analysis, axiology.

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